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The game still crashes


I've been reading about most of the problems people have had and solved the problems I initially had, and now just one last problem remains: the game keeps crashing.

I have a MacBook (4GB DDR, Intel Dual Core 2.1Ghz, ...) and first tried playing it through VirtualPC, but had trouble installing it. I launched my computer in BootCamp and Windows XP (a pirated version though), installed the game with bgbennyboy's installer and the CDs, but had trouble with the sound disappearing after using the menu, the graphics bugging, and crashes now and then. I corrected the HyperThreading problem with the imagecfg.exe method described here and only the crashing every five minutes or so remained. I tried copying the GRIMDATA to my hard drive and playing without CDs but it still crashed. I tired these files and some other patches, but still the crashing remained. I reinstalled the game, still with bgbennyboy's installer, and then patching it with the files Longcat posted and was able to run the game for as far as getting to the land of the living for the first time and sending the guy off in a chest, but there it crashed again.

What left is there to do? What can it depend on?

For some reason there is no compatibility tab when i enter properties of a file (maybe it's my version of Windows) but as far as I've understood I shouldn't use that anyway?

Trying to install new drivers for my Intel GMA X3100 card now

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