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Xan continued to venture down the hallway, and checked each room to get a sense of where he was. He missed the music that played at the lobby as now he could only hear the sound of his own feet as he continued to walk. He rounded a corner and finally found where Tandra was staying.

For someone in their 40's, Tandra still looked good. Of course Xan wouldn't try putting any of his moves on her. Though she still had beauty, she was way too old. That wouldn't stop him from flattering her though, in an attempt for her to trust him. While Sethos had mysterious plans for Tandra, Xan didn't plan on taking her in right away. In fact if she played her cards right, he might be persuaded to eventually tell Sethos he couldn't find her. Xan opened the door and instead of finding his target found nothing.

"I really gotta stop wearing this armor everywhere," he said to himself assuming Tandra had been expecting him.

She was force sensitive after all, but then again so was he. Normally Xan would welcome a challenge such as this but this time it was different. Xan wanted to get out of this place as quickly as possible. Xan stood perfectly still and closed his eyes for a few seconds. He detected two others that had both unexpectedly had an increase in fear. He knew one of them had to be Tandra, and both beings were conveniently in the same area. He left Tandra's room and started to head to where he detected to two beings. He whistled to himself as he began to spin his blaster with his finger.

Then again, the armor does make me look really cool.
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