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A vessel that reminded Issac of a diseased Rancor appeared in his view almost immediately after he cleared the Millennial's wreckage.

The responsible, he thought to himself as witnessed the split-second warmup of two photon cannons. A feeling of calm sudden washed over him. But this is not my grave.

Issac cut his engines and the hull of his ship groaned as he rolled it starboard. He could see the photon rounds as they glided within inches of both sides of his engines, triggering alarms within the fighter. The rounds went on to strike the wreckage of the Millennial and trigger another series of micro-detonations within its remaining hull.

Yanking the controls back, Issac forced the the nose of his ship toward the enemy vessel. He set the throttle to full and the ship shook as his engines fired up again. Issac was forced back into his seat with the sudden burst of acceleration. He focused as the view of the enemy became very large, very quickly and and he barely had the time to release a set of mines from the back of his ship. At the very last second, Issac changed course and avoided crashing into the enemy vessel.

However, mines in motion stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force, such as another ship.
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