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"And so, in seeking to eradicate evil, we become the very thing we sought to destroy."

Good, the rumbling and the screaming have stopped. That timorous beastie must have forgotten about me. I warned them this would happen. I protested against allowing such slaughter. I told them that if that thing were let loose, we'd be just as bad as, if not worse than the people this thing is hunting. Time to get out, I guess. Anthony thought, examining the lock on his cell. That's it? They must be dumber than I thought. He then rolled up his left sleeve, reached into his clockwork arm, and pulled out his Shifting Key, another Clockwork device of his own invention. It was designed to fit in a standard lock, but its teeth could shift in order to match any cut of key. With a few turns, he managed to get the door open.

"Is anyone still alive in here?" He shouted, but not hearing any response, he immediately ran for the evidence locker, and retrieved his guns. Time to finish what I started. That automaton is going down. He said to himself, heading for the exit.

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