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I would assume that it contained within its body all of the conditions to sustain living organs, including the necessary pressure.
Uh... If an ant crawled down my throat and into my stomach, would it be able to survive there? Bad analogy, probably, but do you get what I mean? Why would it have those conditions at all, let alone the exact ones needed to support humans? And lastly, if it had all conditions needed for that, then why would Han and co. need masks in the first place?

Also, Sam, it would be absolutely lovely if you would be even one iota more specific about why the book was so horrendous. How was the prose? Characterization? Did it violate anything except your personal view of what the canon timeline should be? And while I'm at it...
Originally Posted by Sam
Oh hey Luke, sorry about not mentioning that we had an unstoppable behemoth on our side during the Galactic Civil War [...] The ending is absolute ****, the EU is already pretty awful but this just ****ed it up even worse
Even if we ignore that TFU did not exist yet back then, there is no reason the apprentice would have been mentioned to Luke in the movies, or probably any other time until well after RotJ. And I'd hardly call him an unstoppable behemoth simply because he accomplishes several highly impressive Force-related feats, considering the game is all about ridiculous levels of Force power. You might not remember this, but there was also that time the Emperor killed him with almost ridiculous ease.

Originally Posted by Sam
Starkiller gets trained by Yoda, Leia's role model is Juno, Starkiller created the rebellion. Nothing in the original trilogy means anything because Starkiller did everything.
...except save that rebellion by destroying the first Death Star and later redeeming Darth Vader and causing him to kill the Emperor. To say nothing of everything else Luke did in the post-Endor decades.

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