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Originally Posted by thelazygent View Post
In TFU 1, I believe that from the point when Vader found him, he consulted the emperor about the boy and they decided to use him to find the rebels.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the rebel alliance wasn't formed until after his death! I'm sure there were people rebelling against the Empire, but it had yet to be started, until Starkiller rounded up the key people(Senator Organa, General Kota, Senator Mon Mothma...)

Every Sith always attempts to destroy his master and take the "head" title. Vader saw young Starkiller as his chance. And we know very well that Vader wants to kill the Emperor at the ending of RotS, which he realized he sacrificed everything only for his wife to die in the end.

I don't think the Emperor knew of Starkiller until that cutscene from TFU1, when Vader appeared-or whatever-to betray him.

In Vaders reply to the emperor "he was ment to root out the rebels" Vader said, "but now we know who they are?" I think that proves Vader and the Emperor had little info on the rebels.

And when the emperor said, "and this alliance that we have unwittingly created, will be our undoing." I don't think they planned this from the moment Vader found young starkiller. If so, why wait so long? If there were rumors of rebels, they would be smart to strike when their at their weakest point.

Idk, makes some sense to me. A lot of game obvious has influence from the prequels, sadly, but still...

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