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That was, of course, one more fear that he hadn't wanted to worry her with, and frankly, didn't want to think of himself. Whoever it was that fired on the had Millenial clearly had every intention of killing every person on that ship. Once they realized that escape pods had been launched, it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel; the pods had atmospheric shields to protect them in an uncontrolled descent, but proton torpedoes of the caliber that were used against the main ship could have easily taken out two or three closely-clustered escape pods with a single blast. There was a very good chance that, by jumping out of the frying pan, they had merely landed in the fire.

But evidently, Perdante had arrived at that conclusion without him having to voice it. The younger of the twins gave a small, sad smile as he squeezed her hand back. "I guess someone in the Force was looking out for us after all." He turned slightly so he was looking through the front view screen. Soon, they would be within the gravital pull of the asteroid, and he would have to get up and steer them to someplace safe for landing. From there, who know what else would happen...but for now, he was content to merely sit there, with her. "Now, it's just a matter of time."
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