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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
If you ask me, it's these movie purists/anti-EUers who are the most annoying. If you hate it so badly, why read the book? Why post on a TFU message board? It reminds me of the Westboro Baptist Church: If you hate America so much, go somewhere else!
Whoa, hold it a minute. First, people are allowed to discuss their views here even if they don't line up with yours. So none of this "if you don't like it leave" stuff. As long as it is civil then people can express their opinions here.

Secondly, movie purists aren't all EU haters. I for one don't. Much of it I enjoy. Thrawn trilogy, JK, KOTOR, Legacy comics. All awesome stuff. But I've gotten the impression that Lucas Licensing doesn't really care. The fact is that right now continuity is a mess. I'm OK with retcons that make sense. A storyline that has multiple writers over many years is going to have some inconsistencies. I accept that. But at least the retcons should help things fit together better, not make it worse.

My beef is that the caretakers of the EU, IMO, have dropped the ball and allowed a bunch of stuff in that either doesn't fit at all or doesn't make sense, story quality aside. TFU2 has been the latest transgressor. I'm just finding that taking only the films as canon helps me get around all the nonsense in the EU these days and just enjoy the stories themselves, even when they don't fit. I don't want to feel that way, but I feel forced to.

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