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((do you have any idea how hard it was to get on here yesterday. -_- google kept telling me the link was broken))

Isaac watched carefully from under the rim of his hood as the girl called Lyna Honso sat in the seat across from him. He wasn't sure of what to make of this particular person, but if the strings of fate had them dancing together in these dark times he would soon figure out what drives and motivates this person into responding to a call that could of meant her death.

"Isaac Oris." he said in a melancholy tone as he raised his head a little more to allow his blue eyes to be seen by his guest.

"So tell me" he said pausing briefly allowing his tongue to travel over his lips "What do you know of the darkness over taking the galaxy." he wasn't really trying to be secretive about the whole thing, even if thats what it sounded like.

Most Isaac was after what ever assistance he could gain, whether it be in the physical sense or information. If all this girl had to offer was information then that would be fine, he could search for help some where else. But something was making his powers react to hers. And that was usually only in the presence of other force users. Maybe, just maybe he'll have to see what this female is capable of for himself.

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