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((lol yeah, the same thing happened to me))

Xan looked up at the sign that hung above the door. According to the sign this place as called the Day Room. He was about to walk in when he felt both presences move. Xan shook his head and went inside the Day Room. He looked around the room and saw a couple of patients. They looked up at him with fear which made Xan chuckle. One patient's eyes darted to the left for a few seconds before quickly turning away. He looked to find his target and a child in the distance.

Xan let out a sigh and took off after the duo. As much as he loved a good chase, he felt that a middle aged woman and a small child weren't exactly "fun" targets. The real fun would begin once he got out of this place and got a real challenge. At the very least Tandra showed Xan that she was resourceful which would help him. Xan caught up in time to watch Tandra drop through a large chute. The boy however had not dropped down yet.

"Not so fast kid." Xan had his blaster pistol drawn as he walked closer to the boy and the chute. "That was very brave of you to let her go first, but now the game is over." Without taking his eyes off the child he shouted down to Tandra through the chute. "You hear that Tandra? I want you to stay where you are, or else I kill the kid." He couldn't tell if she would be able to hear but he would be able to detect if she moved. He kept his blaster pointed at the kid as he got closer to the chute. With his left hand free, he saluted the boy with two fingers and dove into the chute after Tandra.
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