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I am super interested in both the Dark Forces mod and the Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight mod. Keep up your incredible dedicated hard work. I can't believe it has been 15 years since Dark Forces and 13 since JK...I never completed Dark Forces and I had to cheat and use a guide to make it through Jedi Knight, I was quite young, but also now hearing about it, JK did have incredibly large and complex levels, something that needs to be explored again. I feel Lucasarts could make a killing updating these classic games (and X-Wings, TIE Fighter, etc.) but what do I know. I think these games were incredible but they are focused on coming up with BRAND new stories and nonsense to use new engines...seriously, just update Dark Forces and JK with new technology and resell them, a lot of gamers haven't experienced these games and I remember when I played them they really felt dark, mysterious, and hard...I didn't have the same experience with JK2 and JKA...those had their moments but weren't as seedy and dangerous feeling!
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