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Since his final attack on Gatoa, Yoroi had dropped to the ground coughing up blood. Although he knew going into the battle he would be sacrificing a small portion of his life force, it was still no less painful.

He looked up just as Karela's spheres made an impact. To his surprise and joy, he saw Kaneda there, adding his own chakra to create a powerful Plasma Release attack.

"Takeda, lets take him out together! Combine your Yin with my Yang; he wont stand a chance!" Kaneda promised.

"I'm ready to finish him when you are," Came the voice of both Takeda and Takai.

The Statue of the Outer Path dispelled and Yoroi staggered over to his comrades. With little warning, he laid his hands on their shoulders. "This is all the chakra I can force out of my body with the Rinnegan's control over lifeforce," he told them in between breaths as he partially replenished their reserves and also regenerated some minor cuts and bruises. "If I could generate a little more I'd attack myself, but even the Rinnegan has its limits."

Yoroi forced his head to level to look his comrades in the eye. "This is it, Kaneda, Takeda. Show the world what it means to be a Shinobi--"

Just as he finished, a wave of nausea and exhaustion flooded Yoroi's senses as he drifted into unconsciousness....

((Again, he's not dead, just REALLY exhausted. ))

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