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"Indeed," she replied, not pulling her hand away from Sal's. It was nice to know that someone else was there with her, and for her, if the day's events took another turn for the worse. Against her better judgment, she scooted closer to the Republic officer. "It's also a matter of time until..."

Until I do what I have done before. This time, I don't care if I'm a Jedi.

Her lips sought Sal's again, and found them. Intertwining her fingers with his, she leaned into the kiss and met no resistance. This was truly meant to be, Perdante thought, Code or no Code. Why have the Jedi made it a crime to love as well as hate? It seems to me they want to outlaw all emotion, at least when it counts--like in the heat of battle, or a heated embrace...

When their lips finally parted, she whispered, "No one has to know. I may be a Jedi, but I think the Order is wrong about this. About us. What, are we automatically going to turn into Sith because of the way we feel? I don't think so, although the Council on Coruscant does. As I said, it's our secret, and as long as we keep it quiet, we're going to be okay." She nuzzled Sal's nose.

"Right?" she asked. She felt the escape pod lurch into N'tala's atmosphere.
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