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"It's also a matter of time until..."

A kiss had been the last thing that Sal was expecting - but when she moved, it all happened too quick for him to register, let alone avoid. One minute she was sitting safely next to him...the next minute, her warm lips were pressed against his, her hot breath was on his mouth, the scent of her hair and skin swimming around him...

He released his hold on one of her hands, sliding his fingers out of hers, and as his fingers threaded instead into her hair, to say that she had been met with 'little resistance' was an understatement; as long as she was kissing him, he was kissing her right back, and indulging in every minute of it. What had inspired this moment he neither knew nor cared. All that mattered was that it was happening, right then and there.

But in that moment, Salvatore had also forgotten that it wasn't just a woman he was kissing, it wasn't just Perdante. She was a Jedi. Which made what they were doing wrong...

But, like Perdante said, there was no way that anyone could find out about this if neither one of them spoke about it. What they were doing was wrong, but if they couldn't get caught...

Her lips still hovered so close to his, their foreheads brushing, her nose brushing against his as she spoke in the soft, confidential tones of a secret lover, of one half of a conspiracy. She was calm, accepting of what had just had happened between them. On the other hand, Sal was quivering; his fingers shook a bit, his lips didn't seem to quite know what to do with themselves. His mouth was dry. His voice had disappeared.

When he snagged Perdante away from the Bridge, he had only expected to indulge himself; it had never occurred to him that the memory of what had passed between them in the gym had ever passed in front of her mind's eye again. That she had ever thought of him like that came as such a shock to him...indulging himself was one thing. He couldn't hurt anyone or break any rules if it was just himself he was torturing, if it was just him imagining, indulging, pretending that this alone time meant anything. Now that it did...There was a part of him that was ecstatic. That couldn't be denied. But another, larger part of him triggered his sense of duty, and that left him with that heavy, uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach that left him without an answer, a fish out of water. It was the sudden jarring of the escape pod and the proximity alert that went off from the dashboard that gave him room to escape.

When the console gave its warning beep, his hands disengaged from her, his body moving almost robotically - and without a word - to plant itself in the pilot's seat. For another minute the silence continued, and then he finally found his voice. "My readings from the Millenial were correct." he said dully, still on robot mode. His mind was whirling with far too many other thoughts to be concerned with something as elementary as landing their escape pod. "There are lifeforms on this rock. The good news is that it means that the atmosphere is breathable. The bad news is that we don't know how friendly our new hosts are towards military-equipped new-comers."

He needed to figure this out.
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