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And Quaver dove into the laundry chute right after his armed assailant.

There was no way he was letting Tandra, his only friend, go without a fight.

All three of them landed with a thump in a waiting laundry cart, one right after the other. First Tandra, then Xander, and then Quaver, right on top. After recovering from the first burst of initial shock, Tandra tried to scramble out, but the armed marauder had grasped her by the throat. In turn, the young boy had him grasped by the throat in a split second, making for an interesting and highly unusual hostage situation.

It was complicated by the fact that one of the housekeepers--tall, muscular, brawny, and mean-looking even for a female--was glaring at all three of them. She had been washing yesterday's soiled linens, when cargo other than dirty sheets and towels had wound up in her largest hamper.

"What in the name of the late Mara Jade Skywalker is going on here?"

Tandra spoke up first. "This man is trying to kill me, or at least kidnap me."

Quaver was next. "That's the truth. He threatened to kill me, too."

The housekeeper, without another word, pulled an alarm. "Red alert!" Sirens began blaring everywhere, and the housekeeper bolted out of the room.
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