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In a slight fit of rage, Xan grabbed Tandra's throat as she attempted an escape only to have the boy in turn grab his throat. Xan let out a slight chuckle at the boy's resourcefulness and how willing he was to protect Tandra. Xan turned to look at the rather manish woman that stood before then and released his grip on Tandra. Rather than attempt to explain himself like the two patients did, Xan placed his hand on the boy's shoulder. After the boy finished speaking, Xan rammed his knee into the boy's stomach. He then the boy's arm and kept his grip on the shoulder and flipped the boy to the ground.

"Not bad kid, not bad at all," he said just as the man woman bolted out of the room.

Xan jumped down from the laundry bin and placed his blaster pistol at his side.

"I put my gun away, now hear me out."

Xan practically stood in front of the doorway, even though security was after him. His aggressive just take her and go tactic without anyone noticing was clearly not going to work. He'd have to level with her or if it got worse he'd have to take her and the kid hostage just to get out of this place. It would appear he'd have to use some of his charm.

"Thanks to that walking Hutt, I've got about five minutes. I'm not here to kill you Tandra. I was sent here because my boss and I need your help. You have my word that I'll explain everything once were out of here." He took a deep breath and tried to run through her dossier in his head. "You're here because you claim to talk to those who have died. What if I told you that you weren't the only one in this world? That there are many just like you. Come on sweetheart, whatta say?" He said extending his hand out to her. "At the very least I'll give you a day away from this place," he added in.
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