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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Torchwood Five
The Doctor

NonSW Fiction: In a small Canadian town, a horror is birthed.

Like a lot of the Doctor’s work, the piece is almost chiaroscuro in it’s darkness. The characters flow across the screen going about their business with ease.


Family Resemblance

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: Manda’lor remembers another time, and another crew.

The piece is an interesting piece of introspection; especially with the surprise that Revan was his wife.


Pre KOTOR: Juhani was also a collector

The piece flowed well. Her irritation at her mother was perfectly portrayed, and her father unable to finish telling her about the home planet they had lost was even better.

Reunion With the Past

Pre KOTOR: A brief glimpse of Canderous’ past and his clan.

The piece is gentle until the end; Canderous meeting his expatriate Cousin, and
Remembering their shared and separate past.

Desert Son
Dinah Lance

Pre KOTOR: Young Canderous is upset that he is not chosen, until he finds out why

The piece is a superb glimpse of Canderous as a young man. His fury at being left aside when testing comes is perfectly in character, and his mother’s response as to why well done.

Pick of the Week

The Beginning
Darth Paya

Pre KOTOR: Kreia searches for a great evil on the Rim, and finds it in a cradle.

The piece flows well, even though the author admits that English is a second language. The fight is abrupt and really unnecessary, but well done.

First Encounter

Pre KOTOR: Like any kids, young Jedi love concerts.

The piece is interesting in that we see a teen-aged Bastila as giddy as any school girl going to a concert.

Knights of the Old Republic III: Return of Revan

Five years after KOTOR: Two apprentices find one of the ancient star maps.

The piece flowed well, though I was surprised that you had two apprentices doing the job.


Pre KOTOR: Forces turn to face each other

The piece has a ‘before the storm’ quality. On Dantooine, Bastila prepares, probably for the mission to capture Revan, while Revan considers her subordinates in a not so flattering light.

Amber Penglass

Pre TSL: Jaq Attarand gets a glimpse of the possible future,

The piece is well done with the Assassin he had been looking into his future. The two kisses, one in the vision, the other in real live was perfect for such a couple.

Voni Tetr Bounty Hunter

Between KOTOR and TSL: A bounty hunter decides to challenge another

The piece has a flat generic feel to it.

The fragile balance of the heart and soul
The Lady Revan

Post KOTOR: Carth worries about Revan who had disappeared days earlier

The piece flows well from present to past to present with hardly a ripple. Very well done.

Light and Dark
The Black Unbrella

During the Jedi Civil war: Two lovers meet as enemies

The piece is short but interesting; the idea that a pair of lovers would choose their side not for good or evil, but for love.

Pick of the Week

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