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((I know, right guys? It wouldn't let me go on here this Wednesday.))

"It's great to meet you, Isaac Oris," Lyna said with a smile.

"So tell me" he said pausing briefly allowing his tongue to travel over his lips "What do you know of the darkness over taking the galaxy."

Lyna stared at Isaac for a brief moment, as if sensing his deepest thoughts. She then looked down quietly. "What I'm about to tell you... may shock you. I sense no hostility in you, so I guess it's safe for me to tell you this. I am a clone of Lyna Honso. She was the grand-daughter of Darth Sethos. He killed her during the Battle of Ossus. After that, they burned her in the pyre in honor of her bravery. Lemia, her best friend, attended the funeral and decided to have the clone of Lyna ready. After her and a scientist created me, they believed I could take the original Lyna's place and stop Sethos, once and for all."

She looked up at Isaac and smiled quietly. "Are you looking for help to stop the darkness? I am willing to help."
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