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As Lyna spoke Isaac leaned forward resting his chin upon his hands which at this point were now folded together allowing his elbows to rest upon the table top. Admitably this was the first clone he had ever met, granted he had never seen the original Lyna Honso, so he couldn't really judge on the likeness. She seemed all to easily trusting in his opinion, just because she couldn't sense hostility doesn't mean it wasn't there lurking in some deep corner of his being.

Isaac took a deep breath before sighing softly, his blue eyes just staring straight into Lyna's "Do you believe you are up for the challenge?" he ask since she mentioned the original failed in her duty.

Isaac wasn't to fond of failure. If a task is to be done it must be done right the first time or it could have devastating effects. Though now he was wondering if he should be so picky about the help being offered. Of course that is to say, does this clone have any memories of that battle they could use to their advantage.

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