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Sal was badly rattled by the crash; despite his attempt to stablize the craft, the impact was still mainly on the nose, sending his body flying forward. The restraints cut deeply into his shoulders, and were sure to leave deep welts on his chest and collarbone. But nonetheless, he was conscious and intact, both things that he counted in his favor.

Unbuckling himself from his restraints, he jumped out of his seat and went to Perdante's side, kneeling beside her. She looked a little dazed, as if...

"You okay?" he asked, getting the restraints for her and sliding them back against the wall and out of the way. A hum that had been a constant background noise disappeared now that the systems were shutting down, and it seemed eerily quiet in their tiny little pod. He sat beside her, gently bending her head forward.

And sure enough, there was a welt already swelling at the back of her neck.

"Man," he chuckled lightly, "You're just getting beat up today, aren't you?"
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