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Wolfgang Doppelganger rather enjoyed the dark mist that shrouded the even danker streets of the town. For someone who understood that logic was merely a poor statement for the status quo, Wolfgang rather liked the theatrical.

His black leather coat flowed through the mist as he strolled merrily down his way, casually pushing bystanders to the side using a small cane that rested on his shoulder. Had the poor pedestrians been able to see under Wolfgang's stylized mask, they would've seen a bright, toothy, grin that emanated with a happiness that....really didn't have a reason for being there.

Nonetheless, it was there, and Wolfgang Doppelganger liked it.

Suddenly, two men grabbed Wolfgang by both arms, pulling him backward onto the cobbled road. He immediately observed them to be members of the local police force, clad in black coats and pompously tall helmets that bore the symbol of their branch.

The first one, a tall man with a bushy black mustache, spoke in a booming, accented, voice,

"Hey, you there! You've gowt a fayce...err..mask....that seems oddly recognizeable."

The second, a much shorter, more portly man, followed quickly behind.

"Yes, indeed, I recall your mask as well! Have you done your country evil, eh?"

The officers laughed as they hauled him, in an unruly matter, to his feet. Wolfgang's smile grew, he was disappointed they couldn't see his face.

"As a matter of fact, this isn't really my country...but I've certainly done a few misdeeds here and there....not my fault...but....."

The tall one with the mustache scowled, "Aw shutup....we're gonna check you anyways."

He pulled out a pair of cuffs and clamped them on Wolfgang as the other began searching for weapons. The short officer pulled a flask from the madman's belt, which caught Wolfgang's attention.

"Uh huh....what 'ave we got here....a drinker, eh?"

Wolfgang's eyes widened and his voice went high in pitch.

"NO, this is not so! That's hardly what you think it is! It is...."

"Makes little matter to me, got one meself..."

"It is....

Nitro Glycerin..."

To Wolfgang's terror, though, he'd said it too late. The portly officer tossed it, cap opened, towards the adjacent (hopefully empty) flat.

"Oh dear...." Was all Wolfgang managed to say as the liquid made deadly contact with the building, exploding instantly.

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