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HDD Woes

So I posted this on Guru3D, but seeing as how...I think no one here goes there, I figured I'd post this here, because it is a bit pressing, and I'd appreciate any assistance on the matter. Here is what I posted there:

So here's the story - I went out and bought a new HDD (a Western Digital 1 TB 6.0 Gb/s, model number WD1002FAEX). After much hassle figuring out the HDD cage screw situation in the Antec Nine Hundred and having to retrieve a SATA power cable from a friend, I finally booted it up. Worked fine. I bought it mostly for all the movies I had, and proceeded to copy them from my main HDD (it had like 8 GB of free space left).

After copying (387 GB, took about an hour), I deleted the movies from my main HDD, thinking it was all good. I installed XBMC and messed around with it, then exited it in order to create a "Movies" and a "TV Shows" folder in the videos folder I put on my new drive.

Upon creating this new folder, however, it froze. I was confused as to why, but it never unfroze, and eventually I shut down the computer.

This didn't work - the window wouldn't close, and Windows wouldn't exit it, for quite some time. Finally it went to the "Shutting Down" screen. It sat there FOREVER.

So I had to hard-reboot it. On load, it just sat there on the "Starting Windows" screen. I got impatient after a while and did another hard reboot. Then the same thing happened. I decided to wait it out, and finally the screen turned black. When it returned, I got a check disk thing. So it ran. PAINFULLY SLOWLY.

Then it entered Windows. Everything took a while to load, and Rainmeter, which I had running for a sidebar, had the icon in the system tray, but refused to load. When I opened up Computer, the main HDD seemed fine, but the new one no longer had the "fill bar" under the name/icon. Trying to access it caused it to freeze. I restarted. Same thing happened, with the check disk and all.

After restarting several times, I just logged in, and while typing this out, Rainmeter actually loaded. But everything is being slow to first load, and the network adapter took forever to connect (to a wired connection!).

In Rainmeter (I'm afraid to open up "Computer" because it'll likely freeze it again), it shows my HDD space for my main HDD and my new one. The new one used to say "387 GB/.9 TB." Now it says "1.0B/1.0B."

BUT THE THING IS - while running check disk (multiple times, always taking a while and listing the same errors), it mentions the name of many of the videos I had on there!

So I need your help, Gurus, and I have some questions as well:
  • By any chance, is the HDD trying to run in RAID or something? I don't recall seeing this option in the bios.
  • The HDD is a SATA 6.0 Gb/s drive. My motherboard only has support for 3.0 Gb/s. But if I recall correctly, that shouldn't matter, right?
  • If the HDD (the new one) seems to be...dead, how can I recover information from it? I deleted all those movies already from my other HDD. I do have backups on my HTPC at home...but that's two hours away (I'm at college).
  • On the same note as the above topic - doing a system restore wouldn't get my files back onto my old HDD, would it?
  • Should I be trying to re-format the new drive, or does it seem like it's just bad? It's done many check disks, to no avail.

Thanks guys, I appreciate any/all help!

- PR-0927
And the thread, just in case:

Thanks for any potential assistance!

- PR-0927

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