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Originally Posted by Sam
Apparently you didn't read the part where I said that everything in the movies is diminished because the new explanation for everything is that Starkiller was pulling the strings.
Had you read my previous post, you would know that I did read that claim and responded to it in turn. And how was Starkiller "pulling the strings" so damn much? I'm roughly halfway through the book, and he's hardly even expressing interest in helping them. And, of course, there's his complete absence from anything to do with the rebellion as of ANH and beyond. Moreover, if you're complaining about Starkiller being as important to the fate of the galaxy as Luke and the gang in the OT, then why is not, say, Revan from the KotOR series, or Luke's & Han's kids in the post-RotJ novels guilty also of "stealing the spotlight"? Every period in the timeline has to have pivotally important figures, and Starkiller is just another one of the dozens that came before Luke. If you can actually come up with some plot holes, examples of sloppy characterization, or something like that, then we can talk business, but until then you're aimlessly bitching about a book that, going by your first post in this thread, you haven't even read, which I dare say is the absolute height of bad taste in criticism.

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