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I greatly appreciate a response! First one too!

I posted another post in that thread linked above, with an update:

Bit of an update, when I disconnected the SATA cable for the new HDD, the computer booted and ran fine (and so did Rainmeter). So I tried reconnecting it. Stupidly, I had set up a super-long check disk run, which I left on over night (of my primary drive). It booted fast up up to the disk check (and then I went to sleep because it took an eternity - but no errors had appeared by the time I slept), and I just logged into Windows now - Rainmeter is again failing and the new HDD appears as unformatted, without the "fill bar" under it in "Computer."

I tried running Recuva on both drives - it found most of the stuff from the new drive, but said it would take two days to recover! That's a bit long - I can probably just copy over the movies from my roommates HDD, and get the ones he didn't have on there from my HTPC, via my laptop, when I go home for the weekend next - much less of a hassle, when Recuva might not even do a good job.

So now I'm at a loss - do you guys think the new HDD is bad? Should I reformat and try again? Why the hell did it freeze up in the first place and then cause these problems?

Again...any help would be much appreciated!

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Recuva basically failed to find anything on the first HDD anyways - many of the videos were over 10 GB and didn't go to the recycling bin even.

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