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"Confirmed: an escape pod from the explosion, two confirmed, male, female, Sir, they're Republic, one's injured," were the words that could be heard in response to Salvatore's last question as a group of roughly ten troopers wearing rebreather masks came upon the three technical bystanders. There was around six Mal security officers and four republic soldiers, though the security officers acted with the same professional and disciplined aptitude as a well trained Republic soldier. They surrounded the group, weapons wafting back and forth as they secured the area. "Problem Sir, it's, uh, a little girl," the same security trooper reported into the heel of his palm.

Only the slightest of a crackle and a reply came, "Again? Goodness. I'll be there shortly, be sure to secure rebreathers on them."


The men almost immediately swarmed them, jostling them and grasping them roughly as they held them in place, placing rebreathers over their heads and securing them to their faces. Moments later a Mal in a Republic Officer's (rebreather also) uniform approached them, the troopers of both Republic and Mal Security stood with respectful straightness as he approached, but remained poised with weapons in hand as if the surface of the asteroid would burst open and enemies would pour down upon them.

"Enough of that," the men relaxing and returning to surveying their surroundings. The Officer approached the security trooper but simply stopped, staring straight at the fellow Mal, they seemed to become fixated with one another. Then the Officer turned and stared at the three humans standing there like herded cattle, stating crisply, "I apologize if they were rough, we were expecting hostiles, so they're on edge. It's not everyday that a ship comes by a traveling colony and suddenly erupts in flames."

He then approached them, allowing them to see the full detail of his uniform, which was like any other Republic Officer's uniform, only it was coated in service bars to display the events and campaigns he'd taken part in, and they nearly filled the whole portion of his left breast, making him look more like a wartime General than a simple Officer. He had a medal hanging from each sleeve facing outwards, and his right breast carried many more, while adorned on the forehead of his Officer's cap was - instead of the sign of the Republic - another medal, this one was quite easy to distinguish as it stood out from the rest as it had 'P.O.W.' stamped boldly on it. His belt held three distinct things: A Mal crafted sword on his left, and two holsters doubled up on his right. The holsters were set strangely, as one was mounted above the other, but they were not stacked; if he reached up he could grab a heavy blaster pistol of more modern design, if he reached down he could grab an almost antique looking blaster pistol designed and crafted around the early years of The Great Sith War, a relic of battles once fought.

"I'm Field Commander Ny'eh Yy, though I'm often referred to as Commander Tu'un to make it simpler," he introduced with a nod, his near-permanently squinting eyes glaring over at Sal immediately as the young man's Republic issued fatigues ((He was off duty from what I recall)) caught the Mal's attention first. He then looked over at the woman who was wounded, he looked over at the troopers and they nodded.

"We'll escort you all inside for medical attention, but I need some questions answered on the way soldier," he stated towards Sal as the troopers began to escort them towards a hatch a ways off from the escape pod's crash sight.

Tu'un glanced over at the little girl as they moved along, finally. "And you, young Kyza, should know better than to be outside of the facility, the atmosphere around the asteroid is too thin for someone to be out without a rebreather mask on," he scolded. He technically only knew the girl as a strange human child who was oddly alone on the nearly all Mal colony, he knew her name the way he found out most names without being told, telepathy.

He returned his attention to the other two, "I need your names, ranks or titles first, then I need the name of your commanding officer and the name of your ship, after you answer those I'll ask some other questions to best assess how the situation at large should be handled."

The questions weren't all too necessary, but Tu'un needed to abate any nervous feelings from them, and putting their minds to work answering questions was the best way. The 'situation at large' as Tu'un put it, was already being handled. Though there were some details that Tu'un needed, and that's what he wanted most.

((As usual a poor introductory post, but I tried. Tell me if anything needs changing.))

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