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So quick was this one to jump into the monsters den, Isaac thought to himself as he arose from his seat his head tilted down slightly so the rim of his hood masked part of his face again. First thing was first in his mind, was she capable right now in her current state to be of any challenge for what they could possibly face on the road ahead. This was a matter Isaac had to make certain of. One is a bigger fool if they follow another fool so blindly into danger without knowing each others capabilities. At the moment he wasn't really paying attention to if this "clone" actually answered his question satisfactorily enough or not, the answer he sought could only be found in one way.

Isaac watched as he placed one step in front of the other walking around the table towards Lyna. First lesson he learned in living on his own, always be prepared for the unexpected, and never assume anything about anyone. In order to survive trust is something earned and not given freely. As he reached Lyna's side he summoned up his force powers for a brief moment and used force push to try and send her across the room. As he did that he reached around his back and pulled one of two lightsabers he had from his belt and ignited it. As the blade of pure energy revealed itself it showed nothing but the blackness that could be found in any creatures heart. He used his blades as a reminder to him that even the purest soul can be corrupted by the darkness of the universe.

With the saber firmly in his right hand he stood there, his left side facing her. His head still tilted down at an angle so only his lips were showing. The corner of his lips slightly rose as he spoke calmly "Show me just how prepared you are"

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