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As Lyna flew back towards the wall, she successfully landed on the wall with her brown boots on her feet. She then jumped off the wall, landing on the floor with her feet and standing up. She looked at Isaac and grinned. "Ah yes. Almost forgot. Rule #15: Never trust anyone too quickly." She used the Force to pull out her two lightsabers from the sides of her utility belt. Both blades ignited. On her left hand, the blade was orange. On her right hand, the other blade was red.

The young clone raised both lightsabers and grinned."All right. If you want to see how prepared I am, let's take it outside." With that said, she used the Force to throw Isaac out the cantina.

Rav sat there, laughing. "Can't wait for Cade to see Lyna 'back from the dead' all right!" The others laughed as well.
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