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Escape pod
Juhani's arms were shaking with the duel efforts of trying to slow the pod down and keeping the force bubble surrounding the pod intact. She turned to Zen as the pod came in closer to the ground.

"Brace yourself!" She shouted to him as the pod slammed into the ground and a large cloud of dust shot up from the ground as the pod buried itself nose first into the ground.


Zarev looked up from the wreckage of what had once been a functioning sensor array as some sort of small ship or possibly an escape pod streaked across the sky. He looked down at the sensor array and then brought his armored fist down on it.

It is possible that whatever that thing was it may have the parts I need to get the sensors back online. Not to mention that there may be survivors.

The Mandalorian grabbed his assault rifle and watched as a small amount of smoke began to float up into the air. He paused for a moment and then began to walk toward the smoke.
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