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Noticed two small glitches in both Ultimate sith edition and regular Force Unleashed

Well i dont think anyone other then me has noticed but i have the PS3 version of the first force unleashed and the ultimate sith edition (because i didnt feel like downloading the DLC at the time) that the saber tail still shows after four swings through out the game and every now and then a stormtrooper or another imperial that doesnt die by normal attacks. also every now and then when i force push an enemy they go through the wall and come running out of the wall in certian levels and also in the tatooine mission the level slows down like its tryin to freeze which is annoying half way through the level (on the ultimate sith edition) the other missions dont do this. if Lucas Arts the masters of the Star Wars world can fix these before the release of force unleashed 2 in 10 days i would be greatful im a huge star wars fan and always will be.

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