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Isaac slid on his feet out of the cantina. He gave the impression that it was Lyna's own force push that moved him from the spot he was standing to now, out side of the cantina. In truth however he jumped at the right moment to give the impression that her attack had succeeded. He moved his own lightsaber so the blade would travel up the back of his arm giving him a better defensive posture. Isaac had never been one for direct attacks, but more for let your opponent make the first critical move it make exploiting their weaknesses easier.

Now outside of the cantina, Isaac would probably admit that he was somewhat excited about the moment. It had been a while since he had a good sparing match, he was almost worried he had gotten rusty over the time that has passed. Waiting patiently he dragged his left foot back and lowered himself down slightly so he was in a squatting position. The girl named Lyna had some force ability, whether or not he got to see all she was capable of was up to her, and also him on how hard he was going to make this for her. Right now he was only interested in the basics. If they traveled together, he would make it a note to attack her every so often so she would be ready and on her feet if the need arise.

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