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An update:

Well, I ended up seeing these responses well after I took further action. I had reformatted the drive, and copied back movies on it from my roommate's external HDD. Copying took WAY longer than it should have, and once copied, moving files into and out of folders caused sporadic hang-ups. Playing a video froze my media player.

So I tried to do a non-"Quick Format." Took ages, and didn't even get half way when Windows showed up with an urgent-looking screen. It said something about "hard drive failure imminent" and "take actions to backup your data" and "the drive is reporting a failure." And yes, it was talking about the new one.

So I finally disconnected the HDD and am going to return it to Micro Center later on (I have midterms this week).

But now I have to hope that any new HDDs don't have issues and that it wasn't the SATA controller or anything, and that Windows wasn't lying to me, LOL.

I also need to figure out a good HDD to buy - trying to keep it $100 or less, at least 1 TB, and SATA 6 Gb/s preferred (the benefit over 3 Gb/s is negligible with it only spinning at 7200 RPM and not saturating the SATA 3 Gb/s bandwith, right, I know, but there is a marginal benefit in the end, right...or am I wrong?). Should I stick with the one I got and hope that a replacement is fine? Or should I try someone else's HDDs? I've pretty much stuck with WD - I know Seagate has the highest failure rate.

I really, really appreciate the posts you guys made - I would have done that had I not already been pulling out my hair and impatiently trying this and that (and if Windows didn't warn me). If something like this happens again in the future, I'll be sure to try this out).

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The thing I mentioned not trying (but would in any future event) was some suggestions about using an Ubuntu Live CD that some people commented there.

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