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Originally Posted by Samnmax221 View Post
He isn't a character, he's just the guy on the screen that facilitates throwing thing around. Revan was at least part of a good story before they decided to butcher it to get a hold of monthly subscription fees from nerds who can't say no to George the pusher man. The Solo kids (Kid really since the other two were killed off) have only a few good stories and the rest of it is really ****.
If you're going to nerd-rage about TOR, then do it somewhere else. Unless you're going to go into any detail aside from general statements of non-characterization (with not a single example from the story to back up your claim), then refer to my previous post.

Also, real smooth ignoring every time where I address your claims (like that Starkiller supposedly does everything and invalidates the OT) and instead making another post like I didn't actually write anything.

Originally Posted by Sam
I remember when people used to complain about the NJO all day long, in the intervening 7 years they've really raped the EU into the ground.

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Yah, kill all those people who realize you're a worthless hack writer who only writes homoerotic space marine stories.

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