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Quaver couldn't believe it. "Sit on her lap? You mean, like a three-year-old?"

Tandra smiled. "It won't be all that bad--unless you don't want to come after all." Her smile was genuine, but her eyes were worried. They seemed to be giving the message, Maybe you really should stay here at the Medical Center. I don't want you in any danger, and something tells me this armed man is either part of it or headed straight for it. She hoped her young friend got the message. Better safe than sorry, even in a psych ward.

The boy shook his head vehemently. "No way, Tandra. If you're headed for trouble, I want to be there with you. Besides, the hospital food reeks."

Again, the older woman felt light-hearted in the midst of this heavy-handed situation. She couldn't help but chuckle, because she agreed. "All right," she said. "On my lap, and if you have to use the latrine, I hope there is one aboard this vessel." She cast a meaningful look at Xander.

Once she and Quaver were strapped into the armed man's vehicle, she whispered in her fellow patient's ear. "Remember: be good, and he won't shoot." Tandra shivered, not wanting to imagine what would happen if he did.
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