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Originally Posted by Samnmax221 View Post
As sated above the Rebel Alliance is formed around his sacrifice, and they go out of their way to give the impression that it wouldn't have happened without him.
The rebellion has to be formed somehow. Without what formed it, it wouldn't have formed. Besides, Bail says in the novel that he, Mothma, and Iblis had been indirectly helping each other out for years, and all they needed was some encouragement, any encouragement, to get them to seal the deal. Starkiller just happened to be that encouragement, whereas it was unexplained in the EU before.

There were some vague indications of how the Alliance was formed in the movies
I don't recall any such thing except a number of deleted scenes from Episode III (which remained in the novel).

and it was later expanded on by someone who is really too good to be writing Star Wars novels, Timothy Zahn. Much like the rest of the EU the work of good authors gets screwed up by bad authors and stupid licensing decisions, and then you get throw things around and QTE till your brains run out your ears 2010!.
I'm not especially familiar with Zahn's work in regards to the rebellion's origins, but I'm pretty sure that he never really established anything that makes TFU's story impossible. The actual forming of the rebellion was never shown until recently.

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