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NAME: Yeru V'toraya
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Republic Intelligence Analyst
UNUSUAL TRAITS: Cybernetic brain implant that allows light telekinesis
APPEARANCE: A la Violante Placido (Clara) in "The American"

BACKSTORY: Yeru V'toraya has a grudge to settle with the Dark Lord of the Sith, especially since he turned her mentor, Saul Karath, to the Dark Side. Saul tried to get Yeru to join the Sith, as he did Carth Onasi, but both of them refused. As payment for her "disloyalty", Saul had Darth Malak cause a hemorrhage in her brain that would have been fatal had it not been for the intervention of the Republic officers who were still loyal to the true cause. She earned a cybernetic implant for her sacrifice, which gives her light telekinesis.
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