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Alright, here we go

Name: Admiral Jereth Kryndar

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Republic's Third Fleet (what remains after the Star Forge Offensive)

Weapon: Standard Issue Republic Blaster, vibro-knife and blade that are attached to a powered gauntlet (also capable of projectile weapons).

Appearance: Jereth is a tall (6'4'), broad-shouldered individual, who is well built and fairly muscular due to military regulations. He has brown eyes with dark hair that is closely-cropped, nearly a crew cut. His left eye is discolored and black due to an explosion on the bridge that flung dangerous chemicals into the socket. The explosion also left scarring around the left eye. Because of this, he sometimes wears a mechanical, but often cloth, eye-patch, which has resulted him being nicknamed "The Senate's Top Pirate." He wears a standard-issue officer's uniform with body armor underneath for extra protection.

Brief History: Admiral Kryndar was not a Republic citizen by birth....surprisingly enough, his birth wasn't even in Republic records. This is because he was in fact born Mandalorian, and had joined the struggle of his people during the Mandalorian Wars. He served prestigously underneath some of the greatest Mandalorian Generals of all time, like Canderous Ordo, Cassus Fett, and even Mandalore the Ultimate himself. However, as the Mandalorian Empire died, and Kryndar began to find his group of friends and family shrinking from slim to none, something inside snapped. The war was leaving him in a poor mental state. Suddenly, before the battle of Malachor V, Kryndar did the unthinkable: desertion. This served to demoralize much of the Mandalorian army and his disgrace and dismissal from all Mandalorian records. He chose not to look back and instead started a family, living on the farmworld of Dantooine. This fragile happiness didn't last, and with the climax of the Republic/Sith War, he found himself thrust into service.

He rose through the ranks quickly, due to his warrior spirit and strategic prowess, but he was far more bitter then ever before, the loss of his Mandalorian comrades and the disgrace of his name finally taking a toll. That was when the hammer struck the nail.

His family was slaughtered with the rest of the colony and nearby Jedi Temple.

The Republic Navy was defeated at the battle of the Star Forge, and Admiral Dodonna was killed.

This left Kryndar one of the last highest-ranking men left alive to lead the remnants of the Republic military....and he was now a mere shell of failed Mandalorian...broken in nearly every sense of the word.

you very much
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