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Xan just chuckled at Quaver's reaction to having to sit on Tandra's lap. He waited for the two to strap themselves in before he took off. He was surprisingly quiet as they left Coruscant's atmosphere. It wasn't until they were in space that he began to speak.

"So here's the situation. My boss and I are looking for a jedi named Lyna Honso. He hasn't been able to locate her or else he would have taken care of the situation himself. As for me, well let's just say I'm not too great at detecting people."

Xan hit a few buttons in front of him to allow an image of Lyna Honso to be displayed on a screen located on the back of his chair. He too had an image of her in front of him.

"You're able to actually communicate with the dead which is very good. I need you to try to reach out to Lyna, but don't let her detect you. I need you to find out where she currently is, and where she's planning on going."
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