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Takeda nodded his head at Yoroi just before he passed out. He was very thankful for him replenishing his chakra reserves and would not let him down. He smiled as Kaneda attacked Gatoa with very powerful hits; even Takai chuckled in appreciation.

He returned the nod to Kaneda when he looked over at him. This was the make it or break it point for all of them. If this didn't work than Takeda didn't know what would. One thing he did know was that this kill was not his. He would do whatever he could to set up Kaneda for that honor, much like Yoroi did for him in their fight with Takai.

With a few quick handseals Takeda made three clones of himself combing his ice clone technique with Takai's shadow clones. The three clones attacked Gatoa while the real Takeda floated a few feet away. He was creating a large shadow/ice ball hybrid. He waited until the clones had been defeated until he stopped charging it and threw it at Gatoa.

Takeda knew this would not stop him, in fact this was part of his plan. He moved with the large ball right after he threw it. Gatoa would have to block the ice ball and focus on that. Takeda vanished and the appeared behind Gatoa. He lunged forward and grabbed whatever he could of Gatoa. He had charged the attack long enough, it was time to unleash it.

"Black Ice Technique: Shadow's Touch" the hybrid voice of Takeda and Takai shouted combing their two most deadly attacks into one. Hopefully this would be enough for Kaneda.
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