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I thought I would use this thread to let people know that ScummSpeaks v3 r1 has been released. It includes the following changes:
  • Big overhaul! Redesigned how ScummSpeaks works; it now stores mappings of sounds to lines of speech, saved in an XML file, and both the text and sounds must be exported to game resources as a final step. (You will need to manually use ScummTr to insert the text back into the game directory.)
  • You now need to import an existing text file and sound resource, in order to create and work on a Speech Map.
  • Adds support for BUN resources, as used by The Dig.
  • Support for metadata such as lip-synching tags.
  • Includes a small utility, "trspack", to decode and encode the *.TRS file used in The Dig, which stores subtitles for cutscenes.
  • Import/Export Sounds now uses XML files for each sound, to provide information on which line number the sound should be played on.
  • Removed all support for original game sound resources that use VOC files; ScummSpeaks now only works on sound resources that have been compressed with the ScummVM tools (compress_scumm_sou and compress_scumm_bun).
  • Better dialog for "scummtr", effectively giving it a nice frontend.
  • Binary distribution includes the "scummtr" executable.
  • More alert messages when things have finished processing, or errors have occurred.
  • Text comments and sound comments are stored in the Speech Map XML file.
  • In the sound list display, if no custom comment for a sound has been entered, it will display the associated line of dialogue from the text file.
  • You can now sort by some columns.
  • New manual.

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