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Isaac didn't really respond to her words. Talking didn't solve a battle, only action did, and that is what he was looking for. Anything that fell from her lips would simply fly through the casim that was his skull at the very moment. She had some talent he would admit, but she still needed practice. As she drew her lightsabers down towards him, Isaac simply stood there waiting his position unchanging.

At the very last moment Isaac moved to the right and spun around in a circle. His activated lightsaber still gliding itself mere inches away from the back of his arm. Isaac noted that so far she was more into using her own force powers, then the other talents her body could possess if she was an exact copy of the original. As he heard the Lyna's lightsabers crash down upon the ground where he was originally standing he swung his arm around trying to hit her back with the butt of his lightsaber. This battle he had no real intention on having his blade make contact with anything, this was just a small test.

As he swung his arm around Isaac twitched his left hand and brought his second lightsaber to it bringing the butt of that lightsaber up towards her chin. Isaac was more interested in seeing if she'd use her force powers once again, or her own natural reflexes. Force powers were all well and good, but could be easily resisted given the opponent. There will possibly be times when one will have to simply rely on their own natural abilities.

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