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Just realized how douchey and pretentious my last post read. I kick myself in the face.

I went on a fantasy kick this month, starting with George RR Martin's A Game of Thrones, a dark fantasy novel written for adults - seriously, if you get squirmy from your heroes dying and complex plots, avoid this. There be incest, political intrigue, swearing. Alternatively, it's un-put-downable, especially in the last 400 pages or so. Up to you. Worth mentioning that the prose isn't exactly Herman Melville.

I then read Monstrous Regiment, by Terry Pratchett. I enjoyed it. I like to laugh. I laughed a lot.

Now, I'm on Fellowship of the Ring. It's very pleasant. Tonally, very different from the film. I like it so far.

What have you guys been reading?
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