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((Time for another post as YEESHA...or, rather, the ones watching her...))

THE ZEPPELIN FLEW HIGH above the Earth, almost unnoticeable at such an altitude, but those with a discerning eye or binoculars could spot the oblong shape that was trying to blend in with the birds. This was the magnificent Revelator, and it was surveying the landscape that would soon be saved. Saved from war, mayhem, violence, and, most of all, itself.

There were ten ABOARD the flying ship--five Gnomes, two Dwarves, two Humans, and one magically-inclined Elf. They were the Designers, who created and supervised the building of YEESHA, and the ones who had implemented her third and final set of parameters. It was they who controlled the message that was being fed into the arachnid's consciousness, and as long as she survived, she could not help but hear and obey it. The Designers were proud. All but one, and it was this one the other Nine were glaring at. He was--or had been--the Mechanical Loop Engineer.

Right now, he was gazing out of the viewing portal and shaking his head.

"How is YEESHA?" asked the Elf, gazing pointedly at her colleague.

"She's fine," the Gnome responded, "although she appears a bit lost."

"She should," chimed in one of the Dwarves. "She's never been outside the confines of Mechopolis, and in all these wide open spaces, of course YEESHA would feel a bit disoriented." Out of all the Designers, that Dwarf was the only one who called the mechanized arachnid by her "name". The others merely referred to the arachnid as "the tool", "the project", "the machine" and such like. It helped to assuage their part in her creation as well as their massive, collective guilt (that is, if any of them save the Gnome felt any guilt).

"What's with you, Aldebaran?" asked the Elf. "Why so pensive today?"

"Did she really have to kill so many?" he asked. "The whole of Mechopolis?"

"It was our only choice," the Elf responded. "We wanted to rid the world of all evil, and so that was why we had to be so strict when we activated the third set of parameters for YEESHA. Fortunately for us, we did not 'activate' her fully until we were safely in the confines of this zeppelin."

Aldebaran swiveled his head around to face the Elf. "Doesn't that make us evil as well?" he said. "We escaped the carnage, and YEESHA's wrath, and left others to die. Who are we to judge, when we are the ultimate murderers?"

The Elf smiled slowly. "We will spend the rest of eternity atoning for our sins, and overseeing the creation of brand-new life. Life without evil, my friend."

Aldebaran raised an eyebrow. "And how are we going to do that, my dear?"

"That's for a later date, Engineer. One that you won't live to see."

With a curling motion of her hands, the Elf squeezed the life out of the Gnome and carried him to the Boiler Room to be incinerated. Now there were Nine...

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