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Originally Posted by Valkian View Post
And what else... oh, yes, I recently began reading Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. I always loved James Bond, but so far this doesn't seem to be quite what I expected. I've read several pages and I'm yet wondering where are all the explosions and shooting and sex. Instead, it reads like some sort of RPG, in which you are presented with literal documents "...and Bond received a dossier and since I don't know what else to write about I'm going to show you page by page everything that dossier contains..... PAGE 1". **** you Fleming! show me the fancy cars already!
But no, it's actually interesting and more believable than most of the movies.
In general the books are a lot more grounded than the films, but all of Casino Royale was in the film really, they just added to it. Dr No (the film) is probably the best example of actual Fleming, and On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

As for best books - From Russia With Love and Thunderball. Goldfinger's amazingly different from the film considering it was only the third film and Fleming was still alive. Oddjob's still in it though I believe.

Ones to avoid - Diamonds Are Forever and The Spy Who Loved Me. DAF is the only one I stopped reading because of boredom, and Fleming hated TSWLM so much he actually wrote in the film contract that if it was ever adapted the filmmakers were not allowed to use any of it!

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