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Xan initially thought the two of them were just trying to get on his nerves. Then he realized that Tandra didn't know what he was talking about when he mentioned jedi. Perhaps this would be one of those times where he would have to show as well as tell. He engaged the ship's autopilot and turned himself so that he could see the two. He took on of his blaster pistols and placed it on his left hand. With his right hand he reached out for it using the force. He had some ability in moving objects but he was no expert. Within a few seconds the pistol began to float in the air. Xan could control where the pistol went with his right hand.

"You and I are have something in common Tandra, we're both force sensitive. Your "ability" is actually quite normal among force sensitives. Lyna Honso is indeed dead, however my boss detected that she was cloned. My boss, however can not exactly locate her because she might be hiding from him. You however are a complete stranger to her and we think you will be able to find her."

Xan stopped using the force and placed the pistol back at his side. He took back the controls and turned back to looking at the stars.

"The picture is there so that you have something to concentrate on."
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