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We are working the Hungarian version of MISE 2.
(We made Hungarian version of MISE 1 one year ago)

We use Monkey explorer and Image converter.
We save graphic files in DDS format. We edit and Photoshop.
We save edited files in DDS format and Use Image Converter for DDS to DXT conversion. We translate French graphics to Hungarian.
This way works well about in 99 percent.

But we have trouble with some files.

For example UI/Icons/

I edited it, but displayed incorrectly, picture crashed and displayed in interlaced mode.
( I will put a screen shout)

I save original fr_mapsaveloadmenu_bounde_pk_a01.dxt in raw format and put proper directory, it worked well. I rename en_mapsaveloadmenu_bounde_pk_a01.dxt to fr_mapsaveloadmenu_bounde_pk_a01.dxt put into proper directory, it worked well.


If I save fr_mapsaveloadmenu_bounde_pk_a01.dxt in DDS format ( and I do not touch it, only converted it to fr_mapsaveloadmenu_bounde_pk_a01.dxt with Image converter (with MISE2 option) displayed wrong.
So I think Image converter do not work well everything.

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