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Yeah there's factional clothing which has the same effect for you wearing it as it would for any NPC. So wearing a Ceasar's Legion skirt will mean you get attacked by NCR, wearing Powder Ganger clothes means you will get shot at by pretty much everyone, etc. It's an interesting mechanic because typically in games that sort of factional disposition thing is coded into the NPC itself rather than the equipment, so it potentially opens up some useful avenues for modding.

I'm making my way through the game at the moment. I have to say that so far I am a tad disappointed given the glowing praise heaped on it by the early reviews (but I shouldn't be surprised given that Oblivion and Fallout 3 received the same sort of gushing). It has that same sort of emptiness as FO3 which bored me to tears. I get that its a wasteland and all that, but trudging over an endless barren landscape where there's nothing but empty and broken buildings with the occasional animal attack is really not super fun IMO. FO1 & 2 skipped over that for the most part with the overland map and focused on the centres of habitation (aside from random encounters). Arguably that was just a limitation of the engine, but I don't think the primary focus of either game was intended to be endless trudging through nothingness.

And of course there are all the bugs. Thankfully probably not as many as is usual for a Obsidian game, and, to be fair, a lot are probably a legacy of pre-existing issues with the engine (like the hovering items bug that has been there since Oblivion). One that has struck me a number of times is enemies clipping partially or fully through terrain and becoming invulnerable (yet seemingly still able to attack me). Not a bug, but the most annoying thing is all the invisible walls - god I hate those, especially in an open world game like this.

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