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Well, in my universe Revan is a woman, and as this is never gonna happen lets have J7's cast....

Revan; Jada Pinkett Smith (Captain Niobe from the Matrix)
Darth Bandon; Jason Stratham
Carth; Kevin Spacey
Malak; Hugo Weaving
Calo Nord; Robert De Niro
Admiral Saul Karath; Bruce Willis
Mission; Kirstin Kreuk
Zalbaar; a really tall dude
Bastila; Kate Beckinsale
T3-M4; a really short dude
Vandar; an even shorter and smaller dude, with the voice of Frank Oz
Juhani; Olesya Rulin
Jolee; Morgan Freeman
HK-47; Alan Rickman
Vrook; Patrick Stewart
Zhar; Jermoy Irons
Dorak; Bill Cosby

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