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void main()
  object oEntering = GetEnteringObject();
  object oPC=GetFirstPC();
  if (GetIsPC(oEntering))
      //check if the object is already there to avoid multiple objects
      if  (!GetIsObjectValid(GetObjectByTag("kor_czex1")))
          //Note that the script uses OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE instead of OBJECT_TYPE_PLACEABLE - that's the only difference with the container:
          CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE, "kor_czex1", Location(Vector(22.99,23.79,59.10), 0.0));

          // this portion is optional and will only work if you spawn the npc not too far from where you enter the area - careful if there are scripted cutscenes too.
	  // You can also use the On perception event instead of the on enter script for this.
	  //Make the NPC walk towards you:
	  //Make the npc initiate the converstation after approcahing you:
          AssignCommand ((GetObjectByTag("kor_czex1")), ActionDoCommand(ActionStartConversation(oPC)));

     ExecuteScript("old_a_33abonenter", OBJECT_SELF); 	
Alright, I made my script, but I have 3 questions:
1.) Where do I put my X and Y Orientations?
2.) How do I add more people to this script, and also a placeable?
3.) How do I make this script work ingame?

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