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About 15 hours in, my thoughts.

- The opening is pretty damn stylish, but after that the game becomes pretty empty, as Parametric notes. There's little variety in graphics or gameplay, and if you've played 5 hours, you have the hang of it. The desert, that is. I still haven't entered New Vegas, which looks pretty splendid from afar.

- Story is nothing special so far. While it's head and shoulders above FO3's I-want-my-daddy and FO1's I-can-haz-water-cellz, it's more in line with an Elder Scrolls story than anything; you're involved in something - get to the bottom of it, at your own pace, of course.

- Input lag, input lag, input lag. Shooting is not fun, melee is suicide and I spend most of my combat time in VAT, or hoping my companions finish my enemies before I have to deal with them. Actually, if they fall, I run.

- I think I have the broken NCR quest as well (Station Charlie?) It seems to be obvious a flaw to make it to the final game. : /

@CAD: The Help tips say so as well. You're also warned that if you wear the outfit of say, Legion and approach the NCR, they will attack you on sight. Unless you strip first. Then they won't attack you.

- Factions are, so far, rather uninspiring. As much as you'd think there's grey here, it's pretty black and white. Legion is black, NCR is white. Plain and simple.

- The characters don't seem real. There's no emotion, no joy, no life associated with them. It seems they just sleep at night and either mend the shop at day, or go around with guns. In contrast, STALKER manages to create a much more heartfelt atmosphere without having to add in any kitschy stereotypes.

- The entire selection of songs doesn't seem to be cycled. You can only hear like 4-6 songs on the radio looping over and over, instead of the full list of 45. Maybe they're saved for Vegas?

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