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Originally Posted by storm-rider View Post
did u save them each to the appropriate section?
has the game got the latest patches and a working launcher and the right mss32.dll?
do wat u need to do to get the K2 game working and then JM shud work, if it still doesnt work try asking on their own website which is on the first page of this post.
during the installation of each file i think they asked you were i should save the file and there where already a suggestion there to save it and when i clicked ok, it stood that that place didn't existed and asked me if i want to create one, and i said yes on every one so i guess i saved them at a appropiate section..
I guess the game dosn't have the latest patches, where can i install them?
The launcher is working as good as it alwayes have, and what is the right mss32.dll?

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